Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why I Hate Country, 2: Enough with the religion already.

As I've mentioned before, where I work, I don't own either of the radios in the shop. The two guys who do listen to the same country station, so there's nowhere to hide from it.


Shoveled in with the other unlistenable crap in the pile are...the religious songs. Maybe it's a one-shot line like "Jesus is my friend" or an utterly incorrect and manly assertion telling us that this is "one nation under gooooood--that's Americuh!"

But then there's the kind of sweet-sounding verse melody in Lee Ann Womack's cover of the laughable "There is a God."

The part that really makes me laugh:

Science says it's all just circumstance
Like this whole world's just an accident
But if you want to shoot that theory down,
Look around

Guess she told us. "Look around." Science does look around. Has been for a few centuries, now, and it's got a damn good track record compared to the knee-crawlers when it comes to answering some big questions, like why birds fly, why the sky is blue, how old the Earth is, what our ape ancestors might have looked like, how close a supernova needs to be before it's able to kill us all, and how we're related to all the other life on this rock. There's more, so much more, and Womack wants us to just go for the simple-minded "Gawd did it" and leave it at that.

The "zinger" in the chorus: "How much proof do you need?"

How much? Seriously? See if you can convince this being to come to me personally and talk to me. No middle-men. If he's all-knowing, he'll know what to say. Should be simple, for an "all-powerful" being.

It's amazing to me how much airplay this stuff gets. If a bridge or building needed the kind of shoring up that peoples' faith apparently needs, those structures would be condemned.

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