Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Captain Stubing of the GOP is "the cow on the tracks"

Michael Steele, the whitest black guy I've ever seen [why else would the goposaurs even have him as a member?], does have a knack for saying the most unbelievably stupid things without a trace of irony.

Fortunately, there's an Internet with people who know how to take teh stooopit and make it serve a purpose:

Why "Captain Stubing"? Why, I'm glad you asked:

Why, because the GOP and "The Love Boat" have so much in common, lately--both had long successful runs and vanished into obscurity. Both featured well-known faces who are no longer what they were.

All Steele needs is a white button-down shirt, white shorts, a cruise ship, and a star to steer her by and he's set for life.

He'd better just stay off the damn tracks; otherwise, he and his merry crew will have more in common with Captain Edward "Stay the course!" Smith and Titanic than with the happy bumblers of an hour-long sitcom.

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