Saturday, August 8, 2009

Student gets important lesson!

I can't really say I'm "teaching guitar" to a friend of mine; about all I've done is help her find out a pretty steel-string acoustic at the local flea market, then help her pick out a beginner's instruction book.

Well, I gave her some picks, too. That counts for something, I hope. I haven't been following her progress like a proper teacher should. Weekly lessons? Hah! Lesson plans, exercises, and photocopied scales? Uh, no. I'm lazy. Get home from work, fall into my computer chair, and switch the thinker off. I'm surprised I've made it this far into a post!

It's been about 7 weeks. She's doing reasonably well, but I just had to take away an excuse: "My hands are too small!"

I held up my hand and had her go palm-to-palm: our hands are the same size!


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